Hanoi car rental notice

Hanoi car rental notice

Hanoi car rental notice

  1. Is it easy to drive?

Vietnam is the same driving direction as korea .There are many same traffic rules.

However, the motorcycle occupies the road, so much care is required when driving.
Therefore, we recommend car rental rather than self-driving(including driver).



  1. Is it easy to get to the road?

In general , when rent a car , many customers use Google maps well.

The address of Vietnam is well organized and easy to find.

However, sometimes unexpected situations may occur.


  1. Is insurance good ?

insurance is compulsory for all vehiles.

However, it is different from Korea ,so confirmation is required.



  1. when do you book a rental car ?

As with other reservations, you should book early.

If it’s not the high season, it might be a week or so..



  1. Rental car costs ?
    Costs by rental car / vehicle class and depending on when you book.
    It’s divided into 3 categories , it’s airport pickup , golf course , tourist spot.

The price depends on the conditions of operation.


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